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Thumbnail LaptopThis study has significance for global culturally responsive teaching and learning. The model’s dissemination will impact numerous teacher education programs in the USA and Europe. It will help present and future teachers become more culturally aware and help them gain confidence in communicating and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This scale-up study would demonstrate how the model works in different nations of Europe and different regions in the USA.

The project will also have a significant impact on everyday teaching at schools in the USA and Europe. Future teachers will gain first-hand experiences with the ABC’s of Cultural Understanding and Communication. They will use these experiences and the knowledge they will have gained in their teaching. The participants know about the benefits of the ABC’s project and learn how to set up an intercultural project using the ABC’s of Cultural Understanding and Communication. By this, the ABC’s of Cultural Understanding and Communication becomes part of language classes in the USA and Europe and influences positively students’ intercultural competence and literacy development.

We are aiming to improve student literacy development in Europe and the USA by drawing upon student’s backgrounds and making connections with the required curriculum. Implications for further study also relate to exploring the literacy progress of students who have teachers prepared in the ABC’s Model with those who have not had teachers prepared with the ABC’s Model.